Grand jury reviews Wallkill murder-for-hire case after 2nd arrest

An Orange County grand jury is now reviewing evidence in a murder-for-hire case involving two neighbors last year.
Jeffrey Harris, 52, was fatally stabbed multiple times in his backyard on Brookline Avenue in the Town of Wallkill on Oct. 30, 2022.
Town of Wallkill police describe Harris’ murder as a brutal attack and say they have been committed to finding justice for his family since the deadly assault.
“It was a horrific scene and resulted in our commitment to the Harris family that we would seek justice in this case, and we have that today,” says Town of Wallkill Police Chief Robert Hertman.
Police News Conference On The Case:
The victim’s neighbor, Enoch Lowe, was arrested on Tuesday after the yearlong investigation.
Authorities say the 25-year-old hired a hitman, Damonte Stansberry, to kill Harris and watched on as a lookout.
Officials say Lowe was involved in an ongoing neighbor dispute with the victim and that he was arrested on multiple occasions as a result.
One of those times may have been in 2020, when News 12 was in the same neighborhood where Lowe and Harris lived during a police standoff that ended with Lowe and others being charged with menacing.
Authorities say Lowe offered Stansberry $15,000 and marijuana to kill Harris and supplied the dark-colored clothing and surgical gloves that Stansberry wore in the deadly attack.
Stansberry pleaded guilty to murder and is awaiting sentencing.
Prosecutors say a grand jury is reviewing the first-degree murder case against Lowe and an indictment is expected.
Lowe could face life in prison without parole if he’s found guilty.