Greater NY Auto Dealers Association to donate 2,500 coats to local housing organizations

A trade association purchased 2,500 new coats for the YWCA and Westhab as a donation for those in need.
Westhab shelter resident Michelle Daniels proudly wears her new coat as a thank you to the organization. 
Daniels is a temporary resident at one of Westhab’s family shelters. She is a mom of three who’s jobless due to the pandemic and cannot afford new coats for her children.
“It means a lot to you to have that coat on, to feel that warmth…and know that you’re not going to be sick, that your kids are not going to be sick,” explains Daniels. “it's a struggle, but it's going to get better.”
Ivan Smith is an employee at Westhab and says people like Daniels are in greater need than ever this season because of the pandemic.
“These coats are going to be helpful, especially during this health crisis,” says Smith.
The pandemic has caused financial disparities, leaving a larger demand for coats. In fact, there were more coat requests this winter than ever before.
The Greater New York Auto Dealers Association tells News 12 it's aiming to meet that demand. The organization also raised $5,000 to acquire more.
The group partnered with Operation Warm to identify the organization in need.
“We've been able to choose where the coats go and where the need is the most,” says Jennifer German, of Greater NY Auto Dealers Association.