Greenwood Lake struggles to find a home for H.S. students

Greenwood Lake is struggling to find a place to send 300 high school students.
Since Greenwood Lake School District doesn't have a high school of their own, students have transitioned to Tuxedo High School. However, the $13,000 per student tuition Greenwood Lake is paying Tuxedo is becoming out of sight for the district and taxpayers. Greenwood hoped to build a new school or add one on to the existing middle school. That plan was shot down by the state education department. Superintendent of Schools John Guarracino is now looking into the possibility of sending students to the Chester School District to lower tax burdens. However, Chester parents have already raised concerns at a recent public hearing.
A decision about Greenwood Lake will have to be made by June 2007 when the district's current contract with the Tuxedo School District comes to an end.