Headlines: Burglary guilty plea, illegal AR-15 possession, library larceny

Here are some stories making headlines across the Hudson Valley.

News 12 Staff

Apr 25, 2024, 12:00 PM

Updated 22 days ago


Kirk Shultis, the father accused of abducting his daughter, has pleaded guilty to charges related to a series of burglaries in Saugerties. Shultis confessed to burglarizing a home in September 2022. Officers reported that he unlawfully entered and stole various items, including jewelry, paintings and $75,000 in cash. In addition to the burglary charges, Shultis faces allegations of abducting and concealing his then 4-year-old daughter in 2019. This case is currently being handled in family court. His sentencing for the burglary charges is scheduled for July 8.
Dustin Showers has been sentenced to nine years in prison for the illegal possession of an AR-15-style ghost gun. According to the Orange County district attorney, Showers pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a weapon. Investigators discovered that Showers was involved in both manufacturing and selling AR-15-style ghost guns. In addition to his prison sentence, Showers will face five years of post-release supervision.
Mary Soto, a former employee of Mamaroneck Library, has admitted to stealing over $40,000 from the library. Soto pleaded guilty to grand larceny, acknowledging that she embezzled the money over a period of seven years. The library board stated that Soto misled them into believing the library had millions of dollars in cash reserves that did not exist. As part of her sentencing, a judge informed Soto that she will receive three years of probation if she repays the stolen money.

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