Highland Mills wife accused of attacking husband with a chainsaw

A woman in Highland Mills is under arrest after police say she attacked her husband with a chainsaw.
Police say they have responded to the home of Ed and Marie Jadraszak in the past. In 2004, Ed Jadraszak was arrested and charged with assault after a domestic dispute. When officers arrived at the house they found blood on the doorsteps and the hallways and then found blood in the living room. Police say they found Ed Jadraszak walking in the street covered in blood.
Mr. Jadraszak was treated for severe injuries to his left arm and was charged for punching his wife during the incident. Meanwhile, Marie Jadraszak was charged with assault and is being held on $10,000 bail. She claims the attack on her husband was in self-defense. Mrs. Jadraszak was issued an order of protection against her husband previously, but it just ran out a few months ago.