Holiday travel brisk as many Americans ignore CDC travel advice

With infection rates on the rise, the CDC is warning against any holiday travel this year, but many Americans are not taking that advice so far.
But the same can't be said for the rest of the country:
  • TSA screened more than three million people Friday and Saturday -- the busiest days across U.S. airports since March.
  • That number is down around 50%  from the weekend leading up to Thanksgiving last year.
  • Health officials continue to warn against anyone still considering traveling this week.
This comes as infection rates locally and nationwide spike, and experts fear large family and friend gatherings could make it difficult to control the situation in the weeks to come.
Cuomo adds that "Dec. 1 to Dec. 10, you'll start to see the results of what happened over the Thanksgiving weekend, right? People get infected, you need an incubation period for the virus, they then start to get sick."
Still, some are choosing to travel. "They've been tested, so I know they're fine, we've basically quarantined so I know we're fine. So, I feel pretty secure," says traveler Sandra Gannon. "I plan on getting tested again once I get back home, and all my family has been safe and careful and quarantining before we all get together, so we're good," says Debbie Barber.
The CDC's latest message: "The safest way to celebrate is at home with the people you live with."
News 12 was at the Westchester County Airport Monday, which was mostly empty.
New York has some of the strictest travel rules, including tests before and after arriving in the state - plus a mandatory three-day quarantine before both tests come back negative.