Homeowners accuse private community of financial fraud, illegal marketing

Homeowners are accusing a private, upscale community in Central Valley of financial fraud and illegal marketing practices.
Homeowners in Woodbury Junction claim that the complex's financial records are being kept secret and new homes are being marketed to buyers based on religion. They claim that the homes are being marketed toward Jewish people.
Joe Zlata moved to Woodbury Junction in 2012, but the recent change in ownership has Zlata and other neighbors concerned about the future of the complex.
“We have no qualms about Orthodox Jews or Hasidic Jews moving in. What we have a concern with is the community being segregated,” he says.
Susan Ciriello also lives in the complex and alleges Brooklyn-based owner and developer George Kaufman is illegally marketing the subdivision to one group based on religion.
She says there is also concern because residents in Woodbury Junction have had little to no idea where their homeowner association dues are going.
Assemblyman James Skoufis has fielded complaints for months from residents who say the complex's board is refusing to supply detailed financial records about where monthly dues are going.
News 12 reached out to the complex and the HOA board president for comment but has not heard back.