Hudson Valley Fair Food Drive Thru adapts to pandemic

The Hudson Valley Fair Food Drive Thru is offering attendees the option to eat from eight different vendors without stepping foot out of their vehicles.
It’s free of charge and will take place from Oct. 15 through Oct. 18, from 4 p.m. until 9 p.m. 
Food options include sweet and savory, Mexican, Greek, funnel cakes, plus more.
Organizers and vendors chose this method due to the pandemic.
Vincent Nelson, of Vinnie’s Fine Foods, says surviving in the pandemic hasn’t been easy.
“Truthfully, it’s been hard because the payments don’t stop,” says Nelson. “The insurance, the truck payments, so that’s been a little difficult.”
Luckily, he was able to secure a spot at the festival. “My wife and children help me and it’s been good for the employees who have been working for me for years,” says Nelson.
If it wasn't for the pandemic, the owner of Vinnie’s Fine Foods says they would have been at more than 30 events. But since there are restrictions put in place, the mobile business has only been to two - the festival being its second.
Hudson Valley Fair Food Drive Thru coordinator Mary Weber thought to be creative while planning the event.
“People don’t have to get out of their cars at all,” explains Webber. “It’s a complete drive-thru. You pull up to the stand, employees are wearing masks and other PPE. They’ll come up to your car and take your order. They deliver the food to you.”
News 12 is told festival-goers can eat their food at the venue for $10.
For more information on hours and pricing, visit their Facebook page.