Hudson Valley hails New Year's Eve free cab ride program

New Year?s Eve revelers won?t have to worry so much about a designated driver after a Goshen beer distributor announced a free cab program Friday.The Alert Cab program, sponsored by Dana Distributors, is a free taxi service that will take those too drunk to drive home from local bars. The company provides the service every year in the hope of preventing drunk driving tragedies. Dana Distributors will pick up the tab for the cab fare.At the Bank Street Tavern in Warwick, owner George Antoniaees says he wants his patrons to have a great time, but he also wants them to get home safely. He?s urging his customers to have a designated driver, hand over car keys, stay overnight somewhere or call Alert Cab. Dana Distributors is working with local law enforcement to get the word out. The Rockland and Orange County District Attorneys say the laws surrounding drunk driving have changed this year. Since November, if a person is caught driving drunk license revocations last longer and fines are much higher. The Alert Cab Program will run from 4 p.m. on New Year's Eve to 4 a.m. New Year's Day at most bars in Rockland and Orange counties.