Hudson Valley motorists could pay $15 to drive into Midtown NYC under MTA's congestion pricing plan

It will likely cost Hudson Valley motorists $15 to drive into midtown Manhattan beginning this spring.
That's the recommendation announced Thursday for the MTA's congestion pricing plan.
There will be $5 discount if a motorist already paid a toll to enter through a tunnel and a 75% reduction during late-night hours.
The goal is to minimize congestion and collect $1 billion a year in revenue to fund the MTA.
The tolls would affect vehicles going into and driving in the area south of 60th Street.
The MTA, however, must still approve the plan.
Rep. Mike Lawler slammed this recommendation releasing a statement saying in part, "Today's news is a reminder of what we have known all along - New Yorkers are about to face a massive new tax just to get to work. That's outrageous and unacceptable."