Heat advisory issued for part of the Hudson Valley through 9 p.m. Wednesday.

Hudson Valley residents stock up on cleaning supplies, food ahead of weekend snowstorm

Many people also purchased snow cleaning supplies like deicers and other items like car batteries.

Ben Nandy

Jan 6, 2024, 1:45 AM

Updated 192 days ago


Yorktown and communities north of the Westchester County town prepared Friday for a kind of snow event they have not seen in years.
A plaza off Saw Mill River Road saw numerous Yorktown residents making their final store-runs before it dumps snow in northern Westchester on Saturday.
The staff at DAS Auto Parts told News 12 people have been picking up car batteries, de-icing products and wipers in case they find themselves having to drive this weekend.
Other expect that once it starts snowing, they will be selling more sleds and shovels.
"We'll definitely be open tomorrow up until it's no longer safe," store manager Armando Aguilar said, "but we'll definitely be here until the end."
Matt Williams prepared to stay in the house for a while.
"Got dinner for tonight, lunch for tomorrow, dinner for tomorrow," he said. "Picked up some salt. Got the shovels ready."
There's more: He and many others stocked up on alcohol.
The team at Suburban Wines said a spike in sales before a snowstorm is common.
"There's nothing like having a nice Cabernet to keep you warm by the fireside and hanging out with the family," manager Jason Fiore said. "That's what it's all about."
County officials would prefer that, even though the timing of the storm should make life easier for road crews.
"We are fortunate this is a weekend," Westchester Director of Operations Joan McDonald said during a press briefing Friday afternoon. "We don't have the normal commuting patterns, but we still want to make sure we have sufficient personnel to respond."
Yorktown leaders held a live briefing asking for patience and calm this weekend.
Officials asked residents not to shovel snow out of their yards into the roads.
They said it typically takes four hours to plow the entire town following a storm, but Saturday evening will be challenging because of constant, high-volume snowfall.

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