Hudson Valley School Vote 2006 Preview

When Hudson Valley voters head to the polls to vote on school budgets and propositions, higher taxes and educational direction are on the line.
Voting yes or no to a 46 percent school tax hike in the North Rockland School District has voters out in large numbers. The district only needs 6 percent over last year?s budget to continue to provide a top quality education. However, because the Mirant utility company went bankrupt, the district needs to add another $15 million to make up for a loss in tax money. It means home and business owners could be looking at a tax hike of $1,800 to $2,400 more a year.
Lawmakers went to Albany to ask for $7.5 million of new revenue for the next seven years to help the county. That will pay for about half the cost of what the district has to borrow to make up for Mirant. It now has to pass through the Assembly and the Senate. The decision will not be quick enough to impact this budget, which remains in the hands of the voters.
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