Hudson Valley’s Jewish houses of worship fill with mourners in wake of Hamas terror attacks

Congregants at Jewish houses of worship across the Hudson Valley are mourning and praying in the wake of the Hamas terror attacks that killed hundreds.
“When the war breaks out in Israel, it’s an attack on every single Jewish person,” said Rabbi Sruli Deitsh, of the Chabad Jewish Center in Eastchester.
He said some congregants’ family members are among the dead while others are missing. 
“It’s just extremely, extremely painful, and these stories that are coming out, slowly family members are starting to hear who is where, who is hurt, the name of the causalities really mounting, really, really bad,” Rabbi Sruli said. 
News 12 spoke with Rabbi Mendy Hurwitz with Chabad Jewish Center in Yonkers who condemned the attacks. He said now is the time for Jewish people to come together in in solidarity. 
“It has to be a complete end to this,” he said. “This is going on for too long and responding to Hamas in different ways...It has to have a complete end with this entire terrorism.”