Hundreds of Bronx tenants march to demand rent freeze from landlords

Hundreds of Bronx tenants marched in the streets this morning, demanding a rent freeze, an end to unjust evictions and the right for residents to have an attorney in housing court.
For the last 44 years, rent-stabilized tenants have seen increases in their rent despite differences in finances. Today's march comes on the heels of a proposal to raise rent-controlled housing units by as much as 3 percent. The proposal passed a preliminary vote in May.
Those who marched complained that Bronx landlords are charging residents illegal non-rent fees and they say they've had enough. The demonstrators went door-to-door throughout Mount Eden to let other tenants know that their rent could be going up.
Advocates and lawyers from the group New Settlement Apartments Community Action for Safe Apartments, or "CASA." took part in the protest, as did several elected officials. They asked for signatures to try and halt more rent hikes.
The Bronx has the highest concentration of rent-stabilized apartments in New York City, but more than half of Bronx residents say they spend 50 percent or more of their income on rent.
There will be a final vote on the rent hike June 12.