Hunts Point Market workers continue to strike over pay raise dispute

Hunts Point Produce Market union workers are still on strike after negotiations broke down over a $1 per hour raise.
Dozens of trucks continued to make their way into the market on Monday, but the workers say there won't be enough room soon because they're the ones who handle the produce.
As Teamsters Local 202 continues to strike, they're also trying to redirect drivers who are trying to drop off their trucks packed with items.
The base salary of these workers is $40,000. Many workers say they want to be paid a living wage in New York City and that asking for an extra dollar per hour is not much. After talks, they were offered a 32-cent raise.
"I don't think it's fair, asking for a dollar is really nothing," says Marcos Gonzales, with Teamsters Local 202. "They should feel good about it — not telling us that we're lucky to have a job. You're lucky to have me to work for you. That's how I feel."
Teamsters Local 202 President Danny Kane adds, "They can't stay home during a pandemic. They can't telecommute, and it's one thing, people like to clap when we're essential workers, but they don't want to give us a dollar raise — something's not right there."