Hunts Point sewage plant slapped with suit

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has filed a lawsuit against a sewage treatment plant in Hunts Point based on claims by neighbors that the fumes drifting from the facility are making them sick.
The lawsuit claims the New York Organic Fertilizer Company, which transforms sludge into compost, violates state laws and disrupts the lives of local residents by emitting foul odors.
?My granddaughter has asthma, my mother too,? says resident Carmen Salinas. ?Almost everyone has asthma.?
In July 2008, a similar nuisance lawsuit was filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council on behalf of the local group Mothers on the Move. People who live in the area say they hope the two complaints will bring about results.
?Hopefully this will work,? says Tomika Wallace. ?Something will happen, and changes will be made.?