‘I need domestic violence training.’ Candidate for Family Court judge in Dutchess County pledges training in intimate partner violence

A Dutchess County family court judge is being challenged for his seat this November election.
Democrat James Rogers is running on the platform of family court reform and pledging to have specialized training domestic violence training if he takes the bench.
“I don’t need to wait for a mandate or statute to tell me I need domestic violence training,” says James Rogers. I pledge I’m going to do it as soon as I’m elected.”
Albany lawmakers have yet to vote on a package of bills that would require family court judges have domestic violence training.
One of those bills, Kyra’s Law, is named after a Long Island toddler, Kyra Franchetti, who was killed by her father on an overnight court-approved visit, despite her mother’s protests and claims of domestic violence.
Rogers is hoping to oust the incumbent Republican, Hon. Joseph Egitto.
Egitto has held the seat for the past decade since he was first elected in 2013 and was appointed Supervising Family Court Judge for the 9th Judicial District in 2018. He has voiced support for Melanie’s Law, a bill named after Melanie Chianese – a Dutchess County woman who was killed by her mother’s ex-boyfriend.
News 12 reached out to Egitto but did not immediately receive a response.
Rogers, a 59-year-old attorney from Red Hook, was a former state prosecutor and senior trial attorney as a public defender. He currently works as an attorney for the New York State Office of Cannabis Management.