Investigators probe deadly shooting at Yonkers bar

Investigators are trying to determine exactly what occurred at the Yonkers pub when an off-duty NYPD officer fatally shot a patron who stabbed his colleague.
NYPD officials have concluded that police Sergeant Michael Ingram was not drinking at the time of the incident at Rory Dolan?s Irish Pub Wednesday and is considered fit for duty. Ingram and fellow officer, John Baumeister, were helping to escort Peter Lee, 20, out of the bar after he was asked to leave. Lee stabbed Baumeister five times and was in turn shot by Ingram.
Ingram?s attorney says his client never exchanged words with the victim except to tell him to drop the knife. Lee, of Yonkers, had a long police record according to officials, including attempted assault of a police officer. Lee?s friends and family say the police overreacted. Related story Man shot dead after stabbing off-duty NYPD officer outside Yonkers bar