'Irvington is Everyone' displays children's artwork to unify community

Children's artwork in one Westchester river town community is sending a welcoming message in these divisive times.
From a barbecue restaurant to a photo studio and a popular neighborhood market, residents walking on Main Street in downtown Irvington these days will see local merchants proudly displaying colorful children's artwork in their shop windows.
“Welcome” is the message behind a new community-driven initiative called "Irvington is Everyone."
Second grader Ava Magallon has her artwork displayed on Geordanes, the local market. She included a word in Spanish.
"That means welcome, because all are welcome," Ava Magallon says.
Her older sister, Alyssa, has artwork on display as well that also sends a strong message to the community.
"They can come together around one thing. It's a heart which obliviously represents love one another," Alyssa Magallon says.
Arlene Burgos is one of the Irvington residents behind the campaign.
"I think the idea was just to really have a visible sign of how we feel as a community," Burgos explains.
The "Irvington is Everyone" campaign is happening just as nearby Dobbs Ferry grapples with allegations of intolerance and racism.
Police are investigating after T-shirts telling people to respect the village were allegedly sent to new people of color who were moving into the community.
"I think part of the problem is, I think leading up to the elections, there are people getting very heated on both sides," Burgos says.
As tension heats up elsewhere, Irvington is sending a message that it is a connected, diverse and inclusive community.