Israeli security expert shares perspective on holiday travel safety amidst Middle East conflict 

Warnings from the federal government have some people concerned about holiday travel amidst tensions in the Middle East.
Security expert Avi Melamed shared his perspective with News 12 before a speaking engagement in Tarrytown. 
He recommends if you don't have to visit an area where the U.S. has warned you not to travel, then don't, but threats exist regardless of the conflict in Israel.
He recommends using more caution, but continuing with your routine.
As for the rise in antisemitism and concerns at synagogues and other gathering places, he says keeping safe involves a combination of two things.
Everyone should pay more attention and work should be done to secure those places.
"God forbid if something happens, you have ability to first respond on the ground very quickly," Melamed said. 
Yonkers police also shared a statement on keeping people safe for the holidays. 
"As we find ourselves at the height of the 2023 holiday season, the Yonkers Police Department remains dedicated to ensuring the safety of all residents and visitors here in Yonkers. Given recent events, we know there is a general concern regarding safety amid unrest in other parts of the world. By utilizing additional staffing, specialized Officers and details, and the latest in law enforcement technology, we will continue to be vigilant and take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and security of all those celebrating the holidays within our great city," a department spokesperson said.