'It's about time.' New Rochelle residents excited over city's first female Afro-Latino mayor

Yadira Ramos Herbert is not just the first female Afro-Latino mayor of the city of New Rochelle. She's the first female mayor and the first mayor of color. Residents say it's about time.
"I had women of color stopping me at CVS or the supermarket hugging me and telling me they're so proud of me," said Ramos Herbert.
Residents say the leadership of this city finally reflects the diversity of the city and say that representation matters.
"I think it's very important for children, for little girls, to see themselves represented in such a powerful role," said New Rochelle resident Yaretsy Floreslli.
But breaking records isn't the only thing on her agenda. Herbert says she wants to know what matters most to her constituents to help her influence her policies.
There are concrete plans in place, like hiring more staff to clean catch basins to help homeowners with flooding and using money from the capitol budget to make improvements, like converting three lanes of Memorial Highway into a park called "The Linc."
"I used to live in that community. Try crossing six lanes of highway with your children or as a senior to get to the grocery, it was very unsafe,” Herbert says.
Her long-term goals center around revitalizing the downtown district.
"It's a key part of the future of our city, but some residents feel that they're getting priced out so we want to make sure we bridge that gap," she said.
She plans to work hard for the city she loves.