'It's going to get worse': Sen. Schumer calls for free COVID-19 tests, more PPE in Middletown

Sen. Chuck Schumer visited an Orange County yellow zone today to call for free coronavirus testing and more PPE for health care workers.
The Department of Health and Human Services is withholding $9 billion in federal aid meant to provide free and fast testing nationwide, according to Schumer.
Schumer wants the unused funds released and Congress to pass the Protect Our Heroes Act to stockpile personal production equipment and boost U.S. production of PPE.
“We are in the second wave of COVID. It's going to get worse,” said Schumer. “The more testing we do, the quicker we can overcome the problem. The quicker we can prevent the spread of COVID."
The Protect Our Heroes Act passed in the House last month.
There is no update on when it could be up for deliberation in the Senate.