It's nuts! Squirrely behavior blamed for pulverized porch pumpkins

A warning for pumpkin lovers - there's a new wave of vandalism that has many homeowners on alert.
After having a brazen squirrel nibble at a newly purchased pumpkin on her front stoop, News 12's Tara Rosenblum took to social media to see if other jack-o'-lanterns were also under attack.
It turns out a ton of other people were experiencing the same squirrely behavior.
Turn To Tara sought the advice of a well-known wildlife expert in Rye to see if the reason was due to starving squirrels and a lack of acorns. The expert said that there are years when there aren't as many acorns, and the expert hadn't seen as many acorns this year.
Rosenblum reasoned that another possible reason for the destruction could be that people are staying home more and not going to public places, like parks and restaurants - resulting in the bushy-tailed rodents not finding food where they normally would.
While it's too late for the Rosenblum household, here are some tips to save your prized pumpkins from being eaten:
-Try combining a teaspoon of liquid soap and a small bottle of hot sauce in a spray bottle - the taste is equally as repulsive to squirrels as it to humans.
-Coat pumpkins with peppermint or garlic sprays sold at garden centers.
-Spray some hairspray on the pumpkins. Not only do the squirrels hate sticky surfaces, it will give the pumpkin a lovely shine.
Happy Halloween from News 12!  Photo credit: Greg Cannella