Jewish Federation and Foundation of Rockland County CEO recounts recent visit to Israel

The CEO of the Jewish Federation and Foundation of Rockland County says he traveled to Israel to show solidarity and speak with their partners on the ground.
Ari Rosenblum said he and a board member visited volunteers who are providing for refugees and spoke with some of the families of hostages and those killed.
He says one mother told him Israelis will be OK with time, but she's worried about Jewish communities outside of the country.
"We see the people taking down the posters of our children. We see people attacking synagogues. We see people attacking Jewish rallies and we're worried," Rosenblum said.
Rosenblum also shared he sensed sadness and anger in Israel, but also a sense of purpose and unity that was not there before.
He said families are worried about trauma on their kids and about putting food on the table.
He added that people can visit the Jewish Federation's website to help support the work they're doing in Israel.