JFK, 4 other airports to step up Ebola screenings

New procedures will go into effect Saturday at JFK International Airport to curb the spread of Ebola in the U.S.
JFK isn't alone. Screeners at airports in four other locations that U.S. officials say receive about 90 percent of travelers from West Africa--Washington Dulles, Atlanta, Chicago and Newark, N.J.--will be checking for fevers and using thermometers that don't touch the skin on travelers from West Africa.
Infrared thermometers are already being used to check travelers leaving airports in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.
While airports are taking the threat of Ebola very seriously, the same can't be said for all passengers.
A team donned hazardous-material suits to remove a passenger from a US Airways flight from Philadelphia to the Dominican Republic on Wednesday after travelers said the man joked about having Ebola.
The Ebola virus has killed at least 3,800 people in West Africa.