Judge orders New City 'flophouse' vacated after fire and safety code violations found

On Tuesday, state Supreme Court Judge Thomas Zugibe granted Clarkstown a temporary restraining order to have the home at 295 New Hempstead Rd. in New City vacated following fire and safety code violations found inside last week. 
The judge ruled the house can only be used as a single-family dwelling. He is expected to decide next week whether the injunction will become permanent. 
Petrona Sanchez lives in the New City home at the center of the legal battle. She told reporters Tuesday morning in Spanish that she and her four family members are the only ones left there after another family recently moved out.  
She claims 31 people were not living there and that people were visiting instead. 
As News 12 reported Monday, officials showed pictures from inside the three bedroom, 1,500 square foot, single-family home where 31 migrants including children were said to be living. 
Those images showed multiple beds in the garage, basement and attic as well as other code concerns. 
News 12 also learned that Rockland County's Office of Buildings & Codes has looked into another home owned by Shloima Koppel, who owns 295 New Hempstead Rd. Those findings have not yet been released.