Kids rally against gun violence in the Bronx

Young voices joined the anti-gun violence campaign Friday as Bronx kids held a rally to get their message across.
Despite their young ages, some of the kids already have firsthand experience with gun violence. Kenia Ascencio, 10, says her cousin was shot and killed while walking down the street.
"They really loved him, so did I. We just miss him," Ascencio says.
Ascencio joined friends from Saint Ann's Summer Freedom School in a rally and lie-in, and organizers hope the kids themselves learn something, too.
"If they see a gun, maybe they'll tell their mom or dad to get rid of it because it could hurt someone in the home or outside the home," says Dale Prentice.
Three years ago at the playground where the kids held their rally, a 10-year-old girl was killed in front of her family. While the bullet wasn't meant for her, family members say it killed her nonetheless. They say her memory spurs them to keep fighting against gun violence.
"We have to keep fighting for what we believe in. They have to hear our voices," says Luz Rodriguez, the girl's grandmother.