KIYC: How to protect yourself from potentially hiring a bad wedding contractor

Hundreds of brides in the tri-state area say the wedding videographer they hired either failed to provide the services that they paid for – or failed to show up at the wedding entirely.
The brides say that they all found videographer Jose Diaz, of Jodi Media Weddings on the website – a trusted wedding website.
He says that he got behind on edits due to a personal family matter and now can’t pay his subcontractors due to some bank claims.
How can couples getting married protect themselves against similar situations?
News 12 senior investigative reporter Walt Kane says there are some things to look out for.
He says do not just rely on online reviews – they could be fake. Potential customers can check out a business by calling the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Customers should ask if it is a real business, how many complains have been filed and if the business has been cited for any violations.
Potential clients should also read the contract – especially the part about cancellations or refunds.
If possible, pay by credit card. Customers who don’t get the product that they paid for can dispute the charge. Kane says that while it may be cheaper to pay by cash or check – this puts a person at risk. Once the money is spent, it is gone.
Anyone who has a bad experience should file a complaint with the Division of Consumer Affairs and the Better Business Bureau. This will help other potential clients from possibly making the same mistake.
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