Landmark legislation now gives New Yorkers option to choose 'X' on state identification

Gov. Kathy Hochul announced new legislation this week that will give New Yorkers the option of choosing "X" as their gender on their driver's license, learner's permit or non-driver I.D. card.
Hochul says the landmark decision will provide expanded protections for transgender and nonbinary New York residents. It makes it easier for people to navigate the challenges of changing their names, birth certificates and sex designation.
It is all part of New York state's "Gender Recognition Act".
For example, activist Angelique Piwinski identifies as a transgender woman. For her, the state's removal of gender barriers has been a long time coming.
"It validates who you are. It's my life. To continue to use my 'dead' name doesn't make sense for who I am and what my mission in life is all about," Piwinski said.
New York residents with an existing driver's license will have the option to change their gender designation from "M" or "F" to "X".
New York state's "Gender Recognition Act" will go into effect June 24.