Latimer aims to build trust about COVID-19 vaccine once he receives distribution plan

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Westchester, with no signs of slowing down.
Westchester County officials are now reporting over 7,800 active cases of the coronavirus. That number has more than doubled in just the last three weeks.
This news comes at a time when about 50% of the public says they don't trust a coronavirus vaccine that may be in New York in eight days.
Dr. Anthony Fauci told Gov. Andrew Cuomo Monday morning that's a dangerous finding.
“When you have 75, 80% of the people vaccinated, you have an umbrella of protection over the community that the level of community spread will be really, really very low. If 50%of the people get vaccinated, then we don’t have that umbrella of immunity over us,” said Fauci.
Westchester County Executive George Latimer says they have still not received information from the state or federal government regarding the dissemination of the vaccine.
Once they do, Latimer says his office will look to social media, public figures and union reps to educate people about the vaccine and hopefully build public trust.
"We lack faith. Everything is fake news if we don't agree with it and I think we're in a bad place. This vaccine is the light at the end of the tunnel. If you reject a vaccine, what path gets you out of this? Unless you believe it's a hoax. We've got 1,500 dead people in Westchester County to prove it's not a hoax," says Latimer.
Latimer says if he's eligible to getting the vaccine early on, he will most definitely take it.