Lawmaker urges others to put their health first after breast cancer diagnosis

State Sen. Sue Serino was diagnosed last May with early-stage breast cancer.

News 12 Staff

Mar 11, 2021, 12:49 AM

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After being diagnosed with breast cancer, a state lawmaker from Dutchess County is urging others to continue checking their health - even during the pandemic.
State Sen. Sue Serino was diagnosed last May with early-stage breast cancer.
She says looking back on her experience, she's happy to have found out when she did.
"The doctor told me that if I even waited two weeks, we would have been having a much different conversation because when they went in, it was invasive," she says.
Serino underwent breast surgery and completed four weeks of radiation over the summer - all while hospitals were still dealing with COVID-19.
She now has a clean bill of health.
"I'm so excited...I did the happy dance in the doctor's office," she says.
She is hoping others put their health first, even in the pandemic.
"So, it's imperative that people make their appointments and keep them and get checked up, it's well worth it. And it's great to find something at the beginning rather than you were at stage 2 or 3 or 4," she says.
A local doctor is advising the same.
"We don't really know how much longer this pandemic is going to go on and when we will be comfortable. But the reality is, we still have to take care of our health," says Dr. Susan K. Boolbol, of Nuvance Health.
Serino also says having the support of her constituents and colleagues through it all made a difference as well.
"It just gives you that hope and inspiration which was awesome. And also, everyone calling me to say they made their appointment. That was huge," she says.
Serino will go in to see her surgeon in six months and then have another mammogram next year.

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