Lawyer accused of racist tweet about Astorino running mate

A White Plains attorney is under fire for making a racist tweet about Rob Astorino's running mate, Chris Moss.
Attorney Andrew Barovick tweeted Tuesday night, "In light of election loss, [Sheriff Moss] mulling offers to be new spokesmodel for either Cream of Wheat or Uncle Ben's rice." Both products use a black man as their logo.
Local civil rights advocates are calling the tweet offensive and the Astorino-Moss campaign has demanded a retraction. Barovick, who chairs a committee on the New York City Bar Association, quickly deleted the tweet and posted an apology, calling his words "dumb and insensitive."
The New York City Bar Association also released a statement, saying his tweet does not reflect their views. "We fully agree with him that his tweet was dumb and insensitive." A spokesperson for the association had nothing further to say when asked if he would be punished.
Barovick refused to comment on the incident when asked by News 12.