Lee Zeldin's charity initiative supports Somers family devastated by house fire

Former GOP gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin has a brand-new charity initiative, and the group's first donation went to a mom and her two daughters who lost everything in a house fire in Westchester.
The fire, which caused significant loss, resulted in one firefighter's injury and the deaths of the family's three pets.
Zeldin and The Dakota Project offered substantial aid to the affected family. Their contribution included a complete wardrobe for the family and a donation to fulfill the family's GoFundMe campaign goal.
Julia O'Connor, one of the victims of the fire, expressed profound gratitude for the overwhelming support. "I never thought in a million years there would be this type of response, the clothing is everything for the kids, so excited to pick up stuff."
"It's about a community lifting each other up, finding a way with whatever means we have to assist a family in need," says Zeldin.
The Dakota Project commenced its charitable endeavors through a $5 million coat, hat and winter gear giveaway, facilitated by a partnership between Arctix Apparel and Zeldin's charity initiative, Zeldin Cares.