Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinema announces closure on Facebook; nearby residents say no other theater in area

A post on the theater's Facebook page said it will close on Jan. 2 because of "business decisions."

Julio Avila and News 12 Staff

Dec 4, 2023, 11:00 PM

Updated 230 days ago


Linden Boulevard Multiplex Cinema announced its closure on Facebook - and neighbors say they are shocked. 
Neighbors who live near the theater say there aren't others nearby. 
"This [is] like a big theater for the neighborhood," said neighbor Edwin Aguila.
A post on the theater's Facebook page said it will close on Jan. 2 because of "business decisions." 
It did not specify what that meant. The post has been shared more than 1,600 time and gained a lot of reaction from people.
That includes Aguila, who said he hopes that the show goes on.
"I remember when 'Infinity War' came out, that was a big Marvel film," Aguila said. "The theater was packed with a lot of people."
Some neighbors said the movie theater does get a lot of visitors.
"Tuesdays, they have a special, half-price... it's packed in here," said Dafina Richards, who lives nearby. "Seniors come in here all the time. It's going to be sad, real sad. Where are we going to go now?" 
Richards hoped to see a movie on Monday and arrived a few hours before the theater opened. She said now, she hopes to see as many movies as possible before it closes.
Reports found online say a supermarket may take over the spot. News 12 reached out to the supermarket chain mentioned but have not yet heard back. News 12 also reached out to Showcase Cinemas, the parent company of the Linden Boulevard Multiplex, for more information, and has yet to hear back.

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