Local legislators secure $100,000 for Holocaust And Human Education Rights Center

The center runs programs for schools and teachers throughout the county.

Emily Young

May 16, 2024, 9:36 PM

Updated 27 days ago


The Westchester delegation of the NY Assembly secured $100,000 in state funding for the Holocaust and Human Rights Education Center, a nonprofit based in White Plains.
The center runs programs for schools and teachers throughout the county.
"We send out speakers. We have Holocaust survivors, second-generation survivors like myself that go speak at schools, civic events, you name it," explains the center's chairperson Michael Gyory.
The ADL says antisemitism in New York is at the highest it has ever reported. A poll from the Economist says one in every five young Americans believe the Holocaust is a myth.
The center plans to use the money to extend its reach beyond Westchester and Rockland counties.
"The more students we reach, the better, because I think its hard to hate people you know.," said Gyory.
Assemblywoman Amy Paulin helped secure the funds.
"It's scary to Jews to see the antisemitism. This is how it started in Germany, and by understanding that through the eyes of people who lived through it will hopefully educate people into stopping and saying something when they see something around them," she said.
Gyory says one of the most effective tools against antisemitism is education.
"Education is obviously the cure for all human rights violations, and antisemitism is high among them," he said.

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