Local photographer snaps headshots free of charge for unemployed civilians

A Bedford photographer is paying it forward by taking headshots for free of unemployed people across the region.
Jamie Kilgore is one of four photographers chosen in the state to take part in the national ’10,000 Headshots' campaign.
Kilgore hopes to help those who lost their jobs due to the pandemic make a great impression with a new headshot as they job search.
"I really wanted to do this, and I wanted to be able to give back to the community,” says Kilgore. “I’ve been a photographer here for over 19 years, so it's very local to me.”
Rita Feuerstein, of New Rochelle, is one of the participants who will receive a free headshot. She tells News 12 it’s been two years since her last one.
"I wanted an updated fresh, experience that will help me feel confident and put that out there to recruiters,” says Feuerstein. "I'm looking forward to seeing them."
The New Rochelle woman is one of dozens of unemployed people across the Hudson Valley who leaped at the chance to get a free headshot.
Mount Kisco resident Manu Serohi says he lost his job when his place of employment closed down.
"To be able to get back to a normal pace of life and take care of your responsibilities that is the key,” says Serohi.
Upon completion of the 10-minute photoshoot, participants receive their images through a text message.