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School offers free dog groomings so students can sharpen their skills

Children's Village students are getting hands-on experience.

Emily Young

Mar 6, 2024, 10:31 PM

Updated 68 days ago


It's the first day of dog grooming at the Children's Village, and students are getting hands-on experience. For the next six weeks, people can bring dogs there for a free grooming.
"Were offering the services to the community for our kids to be able to practice, as they gain their experience in grooming," said the program's coordinator, Miranda Moron.
"I did learn all the different types of body washes they use for dogs, some dogs have different skin conditions, so you have to use different types of shampoos and conditioners on the skin," said groomer-in-training, Micah.
They're learning how to be a dog groomer, but also how to be an employee, using real life examples.
"My kids they can't call out without following a certain protocol so were teaching them how to engage in the work force and the real world," said Moron.
They are learning lifelong skills to set them up for success. But if you look past the fur, there's something bigger going on there.
"I feel much calmer with them, this is somewhere I come to like get away from everything," said another future groomer, Aleck.
It's because the place is a safe haven and an escape.
"I come here, I'm mad about something that's going on outside of here, ill probably go play with one of the dogs that they have here," said Micah. "One I love, his name is Richie. And like everything will be good when I go and see Richie."
It's a transformation he's also seen amongst his peers time and time again. Peers who are in foster care or dealing with some pretty significant struggles.
The students have the opportunity to connect, and experience boundless love and affection, maybe even for the first time.
"The dogs are very caring and loving and I feel like they need that love. So, whether it's coming from a dog, it doesn't really matter. They are receiving that love and affection," Micah said.
And what could be more life changing than that?
If you'd like to volunteer your pup for a free grooming in the next six weeks, reach out to Miranda Moron at 914-294-8224 or

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