Long-standing feud with son may have led to Westchester doctor?s death

Cops say a long-standing feud between a father and a son drove the young man to brutally bludgeon his dad on Long Island.
The body of 67-year-old Dr. Joseph Kazigo was recovered near the Muscoot Reservoir, near the family?s permanent home in Lincolndale. Police say there was heavy tension between the father and son, but they wouldn?t say exactly what the tension was about.
Mulumba Kazigo, 26, was arrested Saturday after police say he confessed to his father's murder. He pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder. Cops say Kazigo beat his father while he was sleeping in bed and then cut his father's throat.
Police searched for two days for Dr. Kazigo after he failed to show up for work at Nassau University Medical Center on Long Island.
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