Lost memories: Teacher tracks down former HS student who made scrapbook in the ‘40s

A Union County teacher made it his mission to find the owner of a scrapbook made in the 1940s.
Linden High School Teacher Anthony Fischetti says that the scrapbook was found in the back of a closet and contained the keepsakes of former student Helen Brown.
“A lot of different artifacts; pictures, articles, news clippings, photographs – dating back to the 1940s,” he says.
It seemed that Brown was involved in the school choir and the school plays and made the book to remember her time at the school. Fischetti said that he knew that he had to get it back to her and went on a mission to find her – first turning to the internet.
“There was something that came about in Florida and I contacted the number there and that’s what led me to be able to contact Helen’s partner,” he says.
The scrapbook returned to Brown in the nick of time – she passed away days later. But not before getting a chance to remember all of the lost memories.
Fischetti says that Brown’s family sent him a letter expressing their gratitude for returning the book. The book is now with Brown’s oldest son.