Main Street: The wonderful hometown of Harrison

New 12’s Lisa LaRocca kicks off a new special series today that will take us all over the Hudson Valley every day for the next two weeks.          

Lisa LaRocca

Jun 12, 2023, 9:50 AM

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Main Street: The wonderful hometown of Harrison
News 12’s Lisa LaRocca kicked off a new special series Monday that will take us all over the Hudson Valley every day for the next two weeks.
Her journey starts in her hometown of Harrison. Joe Lodovico, his son Joseph, and their pups J.J. and Oakley, opened the Harrison Flower Mart four hours early to be with News 12.  For 50 years, they've been the go-to place for all kinds of occasions.
"The store is a safe zone for any of the children in town who have a problem or anything. They come in, call mom and dad – let’s get it straightened out," says Lodivico. Next stop, The Laughing Horse Coffee and Tea Company. Husband and wife team Mike and Ali Nazzaro ditched their jobs in the music industry to open what's become a new popular hangout on Purdy Street.
"The town was missing a good coffee shop...and a sense of community and we wanted to bring it to the town, where you could come and hang out and be with your friends and work from here," says the Nazzaros. Harrison is also the place for free summer concerts.
"Harrison is one of the few towns that features two concerts per week for the summer. You can see them downtown, you can see them up in West Harrison," says Dyanfit Franz. And the village also loves it veterans. Banners have been hung as part of the new “Hometown Heroes” program. WWII Navy veteran Mike Masciola told Lisa his family has three banners flying.  
"I have my dad's flag here from the first World War, it's flying there. And my brother in the second World War, and me also."
Lisa's first stop was to a business that has been open for over 50 years - the Harrison Flower Mart
Harrison Mayor Rich Dionisio joins Lisa at the Laughing Horse Coffee & Tea Co.
Lisa meets with two veterans to discuss the town's Hometown Heroes banners
Lisa is joined by a whole group of children including a singer-songwriter, actress, and voice-over star - Abbie Grace Levi.

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