Major crash at Yonkers Raceway injures 4 drivers

The final race was cancelled at Yonkers Raceway after a crash on Friday night resulted in four drivers being thrown from their carts.
Yonkers Raceway Media says one of the horses tripped and fell during the eighth race, creating a domino effect as the trailing horses collided with it.
Driver Jim Marohn Jr. broke his forearms and a thumb.
Tyler Buter's ribs and collar bone were fractured in the crash.
Bob di Nozzi was also left with broken ribs.
Matt Kakaley did not suffer any serious injury.
All the horses walked off the track with no injuries.
The night's final race was canceled as a result of the crash.
"It was an unfortunate accident. Very rare in our game in harness racing," said Joseph A. Faraldo, chairman of the U.S. Trotting Association. The association has a long history of ownership.
Faraldo said the sport is relatively safe and that measures are in place to ensure the safety of both the drivers and the horses. He explained that a veterinarian is on site to examine the horses prior to the races. He added that the presiding judge and his associates are also on site to and will alert the veterinarian if something does not look right.
Faraldo also said that nothing looked awry or warranted any concerns before the race on Friday night.
Empire City Casino by MGM Resorts issued a statement about the accident. It reads in part, "The safety of our horses and drivers is always our top priority and we are grateful to all racing officials and team members, first responders and the racing community at-large for their continued support of these athletes."
Races at Yonkers Raceway are expected to resume on Monday.