Mamaroneck PayPal executive exploring run for Westchester DA

A Mamaroneck PayPal executive is joining the race for Westchester district attorney.
"I think I have the right qualifications in a moment in the world where we need a serious person to take over the office with Mimi Rocah leaving and to be able to focus on the acute needs that Westchester County has whether that's hate crimes, cybercrime, victim crime, there's so much work to be done here and I don't think the office has a moment to lose," Dave Szuchman said.
The Democrat announced exclusively to News 12's Veronica Jean Seltzer he's exploring a run to succeed current DA Mimi Rocah who has decided not to seek reelection.
Szuchman spoke to News 12's Veronica Jean Seltzer outside the New Rochelle home his mother grew up in.
"I think all of us, when we decide whether we want to step into the public arena, have to think about what motivates you and what are the anchors for you and, for me, my mother raised me pretty much as a single mother. My father passed when I was ten and when I drive past this house, which I do not so infrequently as we move through New Rochelle and to Mamaroneck and back, I get that kind of inspiration because she gave me the sense of community and the sense of ability to give back as a real anchor in my life so for me this was a natural spot to look at and have that inspiration about giving back to Westchester County," Szuchman said.
Dave Szuchman biography.
Szuchman grew up in Rockland County and has lived in Mamaroneck nearly two decades.
He's worked as a Manhattan assistant district attorney and a prosecutor in the U.S. Justice Department, fighting child exploitation.
Since 2016, he's been PayPal's senior vice president, head of Global Financial Crimes and Customer Protection.
"I think my experience in being a prosecutor, a professional prosecutor, with over 20 years of experience learning how to do cyber crime cases, understanding the value of doing hate crime cases, and also I've run very large offices and have the leadership qualifications to step in day one and lead the Westchester County DA's office, which is the largest law firm in the county, to the places that it needs to go."
Several other candidates have also expressed interest in running.
Szuchman says he would try to modernize the office’s cyber capacity to help with cyber fraud scams and schemes against residents and protect families and kids through cyber prosecutions of those who commit crimes against children.