Loved ones of Kamal Flowers gather for painting of BLM mural in Mamaroneck

Loved ones of Kamal Flowers gathered in Mamaroneck as community members painted a Black Lives Matter mural.
A Westchester grand jury is hearing evidence in the Kamal Flowers case Monday. The 24-year-old was fatally shot while running from New Rochelle police during a traffic stop.
Officers allege the 24-year-old pulled out a gun, but his family says they are seeking for justice in his case.
With paintbrush in hand, Flower’s sister Adele Wauchope joined the community in painting the message on Van Ranst Place.
"I'm really here for support for my brother, Kamal Flowers, who was killed back in June by New Rochelle police," she says. "He left behind a lot of people that loved him…along with everybody else that lost their life," Wauchope says.
Dozens of other residents joined in on the project to communicate a message of racial equality to the community.
The village Board of Trustees initially turned down the project due to legal concerns, but later gave it the green light.
Jarrett Winchester, a leader of the project, says the purpose is to help make the community more inclusive, especially for the younger generations that walk by the park every day.
"I mean, if they're kids of color, I think they should know that people know that their lives matter," he says. "And I think if they're kids that are not kids of color, I think they'll gain solidarity."
Wauchope says this is exactly the kind of thing her brother would've helped with, so she thinks it's a step in the right direction.
Organizers say they bought durable paint for the project, and the mural will be at the park for a long time.