Man accused of assisting wife's suicide in Stony Point fights charges

The man accused of helping his wife commit suicide in Stony Point was in court Thursday to fight charges against him.
Police say Hejin Han, 34, was in a minivan with her two daughters when it rolled off a road in Bear Mountain State Park and tumbled down the mountainside. Her husband, Victor, was out of the vehicle. Hejin was declared dead at the scene. Her two daughters survived the crash with only minor injuries. The prosecution contends that Han knew of his wife?s intentions beforehand.
The defense lawyer says Han?s actions are not criminal. The attorney also claims 911 calls and witness testimony will prove Victor Han was terrified and frantically went down the mountain after his wife and children. Han is currently out on bail. His next court appearance is scheduled for October 19. There is the possibility the case could go to a grand jury before then.
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