Man charged with killing woman in White Plains mall pleads not guilty

The convicted rapist charged with killing a woman in the Galleria Mall parking lot pleaded not guilty Wednesday.
Prosecutors say Phillip Grant, 43, is the first Westchester defendant ever arraigned on homicide as a hate crime. Police say Grant admitted to fatally stabbing Connie Russo-Carriero in June because he was at war with white people.
Grant is a paroled rapist who was living in a homeless shelter at the time of the murder. The case has brought renewed efforts for a civil confinement law, which would keep dangerous convicted sex offenders in a mental facility after imprisonment. The victim?s son is pushing to get the law passed and have it named Connie?s Law.
Since the murder is being tried as a hate crime, the minimum sentence increases to 20 years to life. Grant is due back at county court on October 26.
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