Man dies after Clarkstown police respond to domestic incident

Police say a 19-year-old Central Nyack man died last week after an encounter with police who were responding to a domestic incident.
It happened on Tuesday, May 30 at 60 West Broadway – not far from the community center and fire department.
Clarkstown police say when they arrived, Sean Harris was holding a metal bat. A mental health counselor called police after Harris had apparently used the bat to destroy items in the kitchen and had threatened to kill his mother.
Police used non-lethal ammunition on him in an attempt to get him to drop the bat. Harris was struck and went inside the home.
Police say when they tried to communicate with him, he made more threats to officers and had a gun on him. Over an hour later, they went in and found him in the bathroom, where they say they saw two dozen open pill bottles.
Police say they performed CPR on Harris and took him to Montefiore Nyack Hospital where he was pronounced dead.
The official cause of death hasn't been determined. The state Attorney General's Office has also been notified.