Massive pothole worries Highbridge residents

A massive hole on a Highbridge street is creating a hazard for both drivers and pedestrians.
According to neighbors, the Nelson Avenue pothole is at least 6 feet wide and appears to be about 5 feet at its deepest point. They say they've been calling 311 to report it since it formed about two years ago, but still nothing has been done.
A viewer photo shows the size of the hole, which someone has covered with wooden planks that are now caving in. Neighbors say no one has been hurt, but that it could only be a matter of time before someone is.
Gerald Raspberry, the super of a building in front of the massive crater, says it formed after a Con Edison crew backed a piece of heavy machinery into a sewer, causing it to crack and break open. 
Raspberry also says that Con Ed crews tried to repair it in the past, but never completed the project because there was a wire inside the pothole.
Con Edison tells News 12 they have now removed the wire, which was not live, from the pothole. News 12 also reached out to the Department of Environmental Protection, who said it will place a steel plate over the hole for temporary protection and plans to make a permanent fix.