May 2020: 8 at-home weather lessons from News 12's Sam Augeri

As we all practice social distancing, many are looking for fun and engaging things to do and learn. Well, why not learn about the weather!
News 12's Sam Augeri, who is also working from home, has some great weather lessons for you and the kids!

Lesson 21 - What is fog? (with a jar experiment)

Lesson 20 - The difference between 'meteorological' summer and 'astronomical' summer

Lesson 19 - Wind and make your own anemometer!

Lesson 18 - Air Pressure (with a jar experiment!)

Lesson 17 - Ocean Waves (with a jar demonstration)

Lesson 16 - Oceans of the World (with a layered jar experiment!)
Lesson 15 - Air Quality & Pollution (with 2 fun experiments!)

Lesson 14 - The Water Cycle (with a fun experiment!)
Check back for more lessons next week.