Heat advisory in effect for parts of the Hudson Valley through this evening.

May-like temps move into the Hudson Valley; on and off rain overnight

Storm Watch Team meteorologist Matt Hammer say it will be a gorgeous start to the workweek today, but the sun will give way to a few showers tonight into tomorrow morning.

News 12 Staff

Apr 11, 2022, 10:33 AM

Updated 827 days ago


Storm Watch Team meteorologist Addison Green says it will feel like May in the Hudson Valley heading into Tuesday with warmer air moving in and the chance for showers overnight.
TUESDAY: Morning showers linger through the lunch-time hours but then fade away as the temps surge! Highs around the low-70s with sun into the afternoon! Lows around 46.
WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy - highs around 68. Lows near 53.  
THURSDAY: Partly cloudy at first with overcast skies later in the day. Showers arriving by the end of the day. Warm with highs around 76. Lows near 51.
FRIDAY: PASSOVER BEGINS -- GOOD FRIDAY – A delightful day with fair skies. Highs around 66. Lows around 46.
SATURDAY: Mostly cloudy with scattered showers. Highs around 62. Lows around 45.
SUNDAY: EASTER – Partly cloudy & breezy, but drier. Highs around 56. Lows around 40.
MONDAY: Partly sunny and pleasant with seasonable temps. Highs: mid to upper 50s. Lows: low 40s

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