Meet "The Father of Our Country" with tour of Washington's Headquarters in Newburgh

What better way to understand a day in the life of George Washington, than to step inside of his home?

News 12 Staff

Jan 26, 2023, 12:05 PM

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The City of Newburgh was once the home of George Washington and on this Road Trip: Close to Home, News 12's Nikita Ramos takes you to experience what he did at his headquarters in Newburgh.
"The first thing that you'll notice once you get here, are these breathtaking views of the Hudson River. And once you're done basking in those views, you got two buildings to choose from, there's Washington's Headquarters' and then there's the museum," says Elyse Goldberg, Washington's Headquarters State Historic Site manager.
The city of Newburgh is home to the nation's first publicly owned historic site - Washington's Headquarters. "It was where Washington had his longest stay at any headquarters during the 8 ½ year war," says Goldberg.
Collections of more than 1,300 artifacts lie behind these display cases. "Things like these powder horns. This is what soldiers would carry their gunpowder in and in order to prevent theft, some of the more artistic soldiers would carve them to make them unique," explains tour guide Lynette Scherer.
You'll also find hunting shirts that became the first uniform of the young revolutionary army. They still bear the blood and sweat of our country's first soldiers.
And pullout displays allow you to dig a little bit deeper. One has a lock of Washington's hair in it. And when you're looking at a cool artifact that might catch your eye, you're going to want to take note of that number on the bottom, because when you plug it into the computer kiosk, it'll show you so much more.
What better way to understand a day in the life of George Washington, than to step inside of his home? Our founding father made history inside these rooms. "We're hoping they get an understanding about General Washington, about the people who were part of this," says Goldberg.
And while you won't see Washington himself, you'll get as close as you can to meeting the man behind America.
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